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Written by KARKOURI LARBI   
Monday, 26 November 2012 23:55

دليل المسلم الجديد





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In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful . May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our prophet Mohammad , his family  his companions , and all those who follow them in righteousness until the Last Day .

All praise is due to Allah , we praise Him and seek His help , and seek His forgiveness . We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and from the wickedness of our deeds .  Whoever is guided by Allah connot be led astray , and whoever is led astray shall find none other to guide him .

I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah , who has no partner , and I bear witness that Mohammad is His sevant and messenger .

O Lord , praise be to You as much as what  there are in the skies , and as much as what there  are in the earths, and as much as what are between them , and as much as You like after that . Praise be to You until You are satisfied , praise be to You when You are satisfied , and praise be to You after Your satisfaction .

Glory be to You . You are the first , no one was before You . You are the Last , no one will be after You . You are the One and unique king who rules this world and the world after .

Guide us to the right path . Protect us from Satan , the cursed one , protect us from our sins , And protect us from going astray  . 

The most important issue for every muslim to know is the authentic creed  and the propper belief . A good muslim always refers to    1- Qur’an

2- sunna (what the prophet peace be upon him said , or did , or accepted)

3- what the scholars agreed upon together . This is what we are going to see with the help of Allah .


Creed learning is the best science because it is about Allah glory be to Him . It has many benefits :

-         It makes the difference between the muslim and non muslim . 

-         The muslim knows the basic elements of  his religion  . 

-         The believer will be nearer from Allah , and he will glorify Allah more .  

-         The believer will be satisfied , his soul will be purified . 

-         The believer will challenge the falsehood of the enemies of Islam .  

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  • CREED {Faith : Aqyda }

How do we know that Allah exists ?

Allah always invites us to think , and use our logical reasoning in order get the truth . When we see a table , we think of the carpenter who made it . A table can't be made by itself . When we see a pot , we think of the pot maker … etc . When we see a person , we think of the One who made him , and when we see a planet , or a star , or an animal or anything , we think of the One who made it . When we examine all the creation in the world , we discover that all the items are created by One creator because they all have the same components , and they have the same system . If you examine the stars and planets of all the galaxies ,  you will find that they are made of the same components as our earth , and they all revolve round themselves , and rotate round an orbit . Allah Almighty says :"It is not for the sun to overtake the moon , nor does the night outstrip the day . They all float , each in an orbit { ya-sin 40}.Can all these planets  and stars , of the vast world be made by chance ? Can they be made by many makers ? Allah Most high says :"Had there been therein {in the heavens and the earth} gods beside Allah , then verily both would have been ruined . Glorified be Allah the Lord of the throne , High he is above all that {evil} they associate with Him." {the prophets 22}. Look at the animals and people , they are made the same way with head , trunk , and limbs . And they are made of the same components as the planets and stars . Do you know that in your body , that there are all the elements that exist in the planets i.e. iron , copper  zinc , phosphate , potassium , water , ….etc ? That means that the One who made the planets and stars is the One who made animals , birds , and people . And since these elements  of the vast world , all of them live in perfect harmony , that means that there is one and only one creator . He is ALLAH . Because If there were many creators , there would be anarchy in the world , and there would be wars  among the gods , one god wants the sun to shine and the other would like the world to be in darkness.  


What is the use of 99 names of Allah ? 

Allah has many names which are qualities . And he likes us to have these qualities . There are names of beauty   like : the Most Gracious {ArRahman} , the Most Merciful {ArRahim} , the Holy = the One free from all defects {Alqoddous} , the All Provider {ArRazzaq} , the All Knower {AlA'lym} …etc. And there are names of majesty like : the Reviver {AlMohyy}, the Giver death {AlMomyt} , the Most High {AlMota'aly} , the Punisher {AlMontaqim} ….etc These names are special for Him because He is the Creator and He is the absolute power . He reveals His name according to each person's behaviour . He is  Full of Love with obedient people , The Oft-forgiving for the one who turns from sins . The Generous with everybody , even with disbelievers , He allows them to eat , drink , breathe , enjoy themselves …etc

Why is there doomsday ? 

Imagine there's no doomsday , what would happen ? Criminal people would do all the evil of the world :They would  kill innocent people , prive them from their properties and then  nothing happens to them . Is that right ? Why do people control themselves ? They desire many things but they   forbid themselves from doing what they want . Because they know that one day they will stand in the supreme court in front of Allah . On that day Allah informs us that the sinners would say :" Woe to us . What sort of Book is this that leaves neither a small thing nor a big thing , but has recorded it with numbers ? And they will find all that they did placed before them , and your Lord treats no one with unjustice "{The cave 49} . Imagine you have some children , and you give them some money . You give the same amount to each one , and you tell them :  This is your money , you are free to spend it as you like , but I will give a prize to the one who has spent it reasonably , and I will punish the one who has spent it on bad things such as drugs , or forbidden things . At night , every one gives you a report about his shopping . The day of judgement is a day when every person gets what he  deserves fairly . So the one who was killed unjustly will be pleased and satisfied to see his killer get what he   deserves , and so will be the one who was robbed or treated badly . People who have been tortured unjustly , or have suffered from a severe injustice would look forward to the day of judgement .

Without doomsday life would be a hell because the law of the jungle would be applied . And because there is doomsday , people who live in a community of believers would live in peace and mutual love because the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him said :"No one is a true believer until he loves for other people what he loves for himself"  


Why is there Eternity in paradise or in hell fire ? 

A lot of people say why do unbelieving people last in hell forever ? and why do believers last in paradise forever ? We know that believers have worshipped Allah for certain time , let's say forty or sixty years , why don't they last in heaven or hell the period that they have worshipped or sinned ? We must know that Allah knows what was {what happened in the past} , He knows what is going on at this moment , He knows what will happen , and He knows what never happens if ever it happened and how it would happen . So He knows that the faithful person would always be faithful if he lived forever , so he deserves everlasting paradise . And He knows that the faithless person would always be faithless even if he lived forever , so he deserves fire all the time . There are muslims who do more sins than good deeds , these would be sent to hell for some time according to how bad and how many their sins are. We ask Allah to forgive our sins and to grant us paradise , He is able to do all things.

  • CREED {Faith : Aqyda }       2 


Why do people change religion ? Why should Christian and Jewish people convert into Islam ?

First of all , people don't change Heavenly  religion because there is only one . There is only One Heavenly religion for the simple reason that there is only One god . All the prophets and messengers from the first one (Adam) to the last one (Mohammad) may Allah send His blessings and His greetings to them all ,  all of them were sent to the people with one message which was : "There is no god but Allah . He is unique. He has no equal , no like , no spouse , no children . He is the Creator and He is the Educator , and He alone is worth praising and worshipping".  

What changed was not the religion , but "Shary'aa": the law , that is to say : the practice and the way of worshipping including the number  of kneelings (Roku'a) and prostrations in each prayer , or how to give alms and donations to the poor , how to fast …etc.  

Allah Almighty says :"Truly , the religion with Allah is Islam"(Al-Imran 19) but the law of each prophet is more or less different according to the people's environment . Allah Almighty says (to the prophets) :"To each among you , We have prescribed a law and a clear way" (Alma'ida 48)  

Why is this change of law ?

Allah has sent one hundred and twenty four thousand prophets (124 000 prophets ) . Among them three hundred and fifteen messengers (315 messengers ) . Among them five messengers of strong will who are : Noah , Ibrahim , Musa (Moses) , Issa (Jesus) , and Mohammad may the blessings and greetings of Allah be upon them all . The difference between prophet and messenger is that : a prophet was sent to his family and tribe . A messenger was sent to a wide area , to his nation . Of course a messenger is also  prophet  at the same time . Only Mohamed peace be upon him was sent to all the worlds (i.e. to mankind and to jinn = devils) because with him , religion was completed , and everybody should be invited to acknowledge Allah ,  and be warned not to protest or go astray .  

The first prophet was Adam , the last one was Mohammed peace be upon him . And each prophet or messenger was equipped with some miracles to show people so that they would trust him and believe in  what he said . When a prophet died , his followers continued to worship Allah the way they  had been taught . But little by little , as time passed , some late generations started to distort the religion and neglect important things or add things which were far from religion . If the change was trivial , Allah sent a prophet to correct it , but if people were very far from religion like the people of Noah who , instead of praising Allah , they praised statues made of rocks . In that case  Allah sent messengers to invite people to worship Allah alone , and to teach them how to pray .

Allah says :"And verily , We have sent among every umma (community , nation) a messenger (proclaiming): "worship Allah (alone) and avoid (keep away from ) Taghut (all false deities i.e. do not worship Taghut besides Allah)" (Annahl 36) .  He also says :" And there never was a nation but a warner had passed among them " (Fatir 24)

But since Allah is Most Merciful , He never punishes anybody who was not warned . He Almighty says :" We never punish until We have sent a messenger to give warning " (Al- Israa 15)  

We Muslims respect all prophets and messengers . Allah Almighty says :" The Messenger (Mohamed peace be upon him) believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord , and so do the believers . Each one believes in Allah , His Angels , His books , and His Messengers  .  (They say ) We make no distinction between one another of His messengers " and they say :"We hear and we obey . (We seek) your forgiveness , our Lord , and to You  is  the return (of all)" (Al Baqara 285)  



Every prophet had some miracles to show that he  was really sent by Allah Almighty . Those miracles were  the same as what  the people excelled at . i.e. The people of Moses excelled in magic , and his most important miracle was the stroke which changed into a snake and did some extraordinary things . The people of Issa (Jesus) excelled in medicine , and his miracle was to cure any illness , and even to give life to the dead by the will of Allah of course . The people of Mohamed may Allah send His blessings and greetings to him excelled in poetry and language , and his most important miracle was the Qur'an , a text which was neither prose nor poetry , and no one , whoever might be (human being or jinn) can ever match . All the miracles of all the prophets including Mohamed Peace be upon them all , were instant , in the sense that only people who were present at that time could bear witness and inform the people who were not there , or the people who were not born yet . But one miracle was , still is , and always will be concrete and tangible is the Qur'an . It is miraculous in different ways : miraculous on the level of wording (the style , the structures , the vocabulary i.e. there are no synonyms in the Qur'an , each word has a special meaning ) . Qur'an is miraculous on the level of scientific findings . As time goes on , and science progresses , scientists find out more and more inventions which Allah had already talked about . There are still many inventions in the Qur'an which are not discovered yet . And the discovery will continue until the end of the world . Qur'an is also miraculous on the spiritual level . A person who doesn't read anything from Qur'an may feel bored and ill at ease without knowing the cause . Allah Almighty says : " But whosoever turns away from my Reminder (i.e. neither believes in this Qur'an nor acts on its teachings) verily , for him is a life of hardship , and We shall rise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection " (Ta – Ha 124) But a person who usually recites Qur'an , and finds pleasure in reciting it , is usually happy and even overjoyed although he might be very poor to the point that a pious poor man  said :" If the kings knew how happy we are , they would break a bloody war  against us to prive us from our happiness "

And we , Muslims believe that Qur'an gives us comfort in this world (life) , and it will intercede with  Allah for us (will implore Allah to forgive us and grant us paradise) on the Day of Judgement .


We have come to this world to worship Allah , and to worship no other besides Him. Allah says :

"وما خلقت الجن والانس إلا ليعبدون" (الذاريات56) 

« And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me » (Adharyat56)

What is worship (ibada)? العبادة

Worship is all sayings and actions which are loved and pleased by Allah such as prayer (humbling oneself in front of Allah, and asking Him to grant you paradise , and to protect you from hellfire), fasting , giving money to the poor , helping each other .

What are the pillers of worship ?


Worship has two main pillers :


1- Faith (Ikhlaas)الإخلاص  

i.e. worship should be to Allah alone . No one should be adored beside Him , and when we pray Him , it is not for other people to see and to qualify us as pious , or to respect us , or anything like that . Ikhlaas is something private between the person as a slave and Allah as Lord . It is  something in the heart , so private that Satan can’t know and can’t distort , and even the angel can’t know and doesn’t  write . Allah alone knows whether the person is faithful or not , and Allah alone values this faith and compensates for it .

2- ASSUNNA السّّنّة  

The second piller is that this worship should be done according to what the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said or did (this is called « Assunna » .  Assunna is the practice and explanation of the Qor’an . The prophet said for prayer: ”Pray as you see me pray “ صلوا كما  رأيتموني أصلي)) , and he said for pilgrimage :     ” Take your rites (rituals) of pilgrimage from me”(خذوا عني مناسككم)


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أركان الإسلام خمسة 

  1. 1 -  To say that there is no god but Allah , and Mohammad is his messenger .
  2. 2 -   To pray five times a day at definite times .
  3. 3 -   To give alms to the poor .
  4. 4 -   To fast during the days of Ramadan if the muslim can fast .
  5. 5 -    To go for pilgrimage (if one has the possibility to go)


P U R I F I C A T I O Nالطهارة  

A muslim should be clean and pure all the time if he can because he should always remember Allah . And remembering Allah while we are pure shows great respect to Him and refinement .

Cleannes : (Annadhafa) النظافة

A muslim should be clean (not dirty) in his body , his clothes , and his place  and surrounding . If his job necessitates some dirt if he is a mechanic or a mason or any job like that , he should wear an apron for work , and take it off when he wants to pray .


Purification : (Attahara) الطهارة

When he is clean , he purifies himself for any prayer  by executing ABLUTION  or


WASH : (Alghosl)الغُسْل

A muslim must wash when :

1 : He first converts in Islam

2 : He or she has a sexual intercourse

3 : A real sperm comes out from the natural way

4 : For a woman , after menstruation . (because during the period of menstruation a woman should not fast and should not pray), when the bleeding stops , she washes completely and starts her worship . (she fasts the missing days of Ramadan , but she doesn’t pray the missing prayers)

5 : After childbirth , when the bleeding stops . If it doesn’t stop , after forty days she washes and starts her worship .


WHEN TO DO ABLUTION : (Alwodu’a) الوضوء  

Before  praying , a muslim should do ablution if :

1- anything , liquid , or solid  , or air is let out from the back (the anus)                     2- anything is let out from the front (urine,  or any viscous lquid)                                                3- one falls in a deep sleep  .

  CLEANNESS  (Annathafa) before ablution النظافة قبل الوضوء ( الاستنجاء)  

After going to the toilet , and doing his needs , muslim should  make sure that no drop of urine or anything is going to be let out ; then he cleans the place very well with water .  After that , he can start his ablution as follows :


 DESCRIPTION OF ABLUTION :  (Alwodu’a) الوضوء كيفية  


 Prepare the water in a utensil . Say “ Bismillah” and wash your hands up to the wrist 3 times before you let them in the water .                                                Then put your right hand in the utensil and take a handful water and put it in your mouth to wash it , then spit the water out (3 times) . Take a  handful of water and inhale the water (put the water in the nose , then push the air out to extract the water) (3 times).                                                      Wash the whole face (from the ear to the ear , and from the upper front to the lower chin) (3 times) .                           Wash the right hand up to the elbow (massage it well so that water touches every hair , pass your finger through the other fingers ) (3 times) .                           Do the same with the left hand .            Put your hand in the water and water the left hand , then pass your both hands on your head from the front to the neck , then do the same back from the neck to the front . Put your hand in the water and water the left hand , then massage your ears (the right ear with the right hand and vice versa).                                                       Wash your right foot well up to the ankle. Wash your left foot well to the ankle .       Then say : “Ash’hado  an’ la ilaha illa allaho , wahdaho la sharyka laho , wa ash’hado anna Mohammadan abdoho wa rasuloho “ .                                                       With this ablution a muslim can do all his  prayers , remember Allah , and do all the worship .


 DESCRIPTION OF THE WASH : (Alghosl) الغُسْل

If a person pours water over all his body from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet , it is alright ; but the best way to wash according to the sunna is as follows:  Wash the genetal parts (front and back) .   Do the ablution (see the ablution above) except washing the feet .                              wash your head (3 times)                               wash your right part of your body front and back .                                                      Wash your left part of your body front and back .                                                     Wash your right foot well up to the ankle. Wash your left foot well to the ankle .       Then say : “Ash’hado  an’ la ilaha illa allaho , wahdaho la sharyka laho , wa ash’hado anna Mohammadan abdoho wa rasuloho “ .                                                       With this  wash ,  a muslim can do all his

prayers , remember Allah , and do all the worship .    (But he shouldn’t touch the genetal parts with the palm of his hand , otherwise he repeats the ablution) .

EARTH   PURIFICATION (tayammom)التيمم 

Sometimes a muslim is unable to do ablution for any reason .                              – He is injured , he can’t touch water         - He is in desert , he can’t find water.        – It is too cold to use cold water and he can’t heat it .                                                    – He is keeping guard for the army or for smething valuable and he can’t fetch water … etc . In these cases , he does (tayammom) instead of ablution or even instead of washing (alghosl)

How to do “tayammom”كيفية التيمم

Take a natural stone which was not cooked  or  woked out .  Or take a piece of land k or sand .                     Put the palms of your hands on the piece of land (stone , the ground , sand)  then pass them on all your face .  Then put them again on the piece of land , and pass your left hand palm on all your right forearm from the fingers to the elbow . Don’t forget to pass your thumb between your fingers .  Do the same with the left forearm .                           When you do this , you can pray and worship .

  • P R A Y E R (ASSALAT) الصلاة  

Prayer is the proof that a muslim is really muslim . Because we can’t imagine a sailor who has never seen the sea  , or a driver who has never taken the steer wheel  ,  or a cook who has never stepped in a kitchen  . It is the same for a muslim who has never prostrated to ALLah .   Notice that if a person is ill , he doesn’t fast , if he is poor he doesn’t give alms to the poor , but as long as he has reason , he is not allowed to stop praying .

There are many sorts of prayer :

A . Compulsory prayers :5 prayers a day as follows:

الصلوات الخمس

1- Salato Alfajr (dawn) :           2 rak3a  (loud voice) 2- Salato Addohr (midday) :        4 rak3a       silently               3- Salato Al3asr (afternoon) :     4 rak3a   (silently) 4- Salato Almaghrib (sunset) : 3 rak3a  (2 rak3a    in    l    loud  voice ; 3rd silently )                                          5- Salato Al3ichaa (at night) :  4 rak3a   (1st and 2nd I    in  loud   voice ; 3rd et 4th silently)

to finish the day الوتر

Salato Achchaf3' (pair)     : 2 rak3a

Salato Alwitr     (single)     : 1 rak3a

B .  RAWATIB : الرواتب

optional prayers which are executed before or after the compulsory prayers as follows :  

4  rakaa before addohr and 2 after it .                        2 rakaa before Alasr .                                                        2 rakaa after almaghrib .                                                2  rakaa after alishaa


C  . PRAYERS FOR A PURPOSE :صلاة الحاجة(الاستخارة)  

Prayer of a need ( If a muslim needs to do anything of value (buying , marrying , requesting , ….) , travelling , seeking  advice

These prayers can be done any time when they are needed .


D . OPTIONAL PRAYERS ( Nawafil) النوافل  

When a muslim feels like praying , he can do that as much as he likes , anytime he likes except  in three periods of the day :                                             In the morning after the fajr prayer (dawn) up to half an hour after sunrise .                                          At midday                                                                         After Asr prayer (afternoon prayer) to Maghrib prayer (sunset)


Description of the prayer .

Stand upright , face to ka3ba (in Saoudi Arabia) , Don’t forget that you are in the presence of Allah . You are standig in front of Allah , Raise the hands near the ears , and say : ALLAHO AKBAR.

(standing) recite : Bismi Allahi Arrahmani Arrahym . Alhamdo  lillahi rabbi l3a'lamyn . Arrahma'ni Arrahym . Maliki yawmi  ddyn . Iyyaka na3bodo wa iyyaka nasta3yn . Ihdina ssira'Ta  lmostaqym . Sira'Ta lladyna an3amta 3alayhim , ghayri                        lmaghdoubi 3alayhim wala dda''llyn .   A'myn .

Bismi Allahi Arrahmani Arrahym . Qol howa Llaho Ahad .  Allaho Ssamad . Lam yalid , walam youlad . Walam yakon laho   kofoa'n Ahad .

Kneel : (put your hands on your knees) : Allaho Akbar . Sobha'na Rabbi Al3athym                 (3times)

Stand upright : Sami3 Allaho liman hamidah .                       Prostrate (forehead , nose , hands ; and toes are on the soil):     Sobha'na Rabbi Al’A3la (3 times) + Ask Allah all that you want in this world , and in the next world (which is forgiveness and paradise)

Sit on the knees for a moment . Ask clemence and forgiveness

Prostrate : same thing as before.


End of 1st rak3a .

Stand for the 2nd rak3a (Do like the 1st rak3a)

Then sit on your knees  and recite the  salutations:

The salutations  are pronounced after the 2nd rak3a   and after the final  rak3a :

Attahiyato lillah , azzakiyato lillah , aTTayibato , aSSalawato lillah . Assala'mo 3alayka Ayyoha annabiyo wa rahmato Llahi wa baraka'toh . Assala'mo 3alayna wa 3ala 3iba'di allahi aSSa'lihyna . Achhado anna la'Ila'ha illa lla'ho , wa Achhado anna mohammadan rasoulo Allahi .

Allahomma Salli 3ala Mohammadin wa 3ala' a'li Mohammad , kama Sallayta 3ala' Ibra'iyma wa 3ala' a'li Ibrahyma , wa ba'rik 3ala' Mohammadin wa 3ala' a'li Mohammadin kama ba'rakta 3ala' Ibrahyma wa 3ala a'li Ibrahyma fi al3a'lamyna , Innaka Hamydon Majyd .

End the prayer by saying : Assalamo 3alykom . (Peace be with you ) to the right side . Then do the same to the left side .

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  • FASTING (ASSAWM) الصوم

Fasting   during the days of the month of Ramadan (9th month of the hegira year) is compulsory for every muslim who is mature and capable to fast . He should have the intention to fast the eve of the day , and he should stop eating , drinking  and having the sexual intercourse from dawn (early in the morning) to sunset .  In Ramadan , muslim people should match the angels who don’t eat and drink  , and don’t marry . Also they should match them in their behavior . Angels don’t stop praising Allah and remembering Him  . They are free from all the heart illnesses i.e. free from hatred , jealousy , selfishness, lying , and any unaccepted quality .  All they say or do is decent and respectful . A muslim tries to remember Allah all the time , and should be ready to be helpful as much as he can .

People who are allowed not to fast :

. Women in menstruation , and women who have just given birth to a baby must not fast while they are bleeding . They must fast later .                                                 . Women who are feeding their babies from their breasts  are allowed to eat  and fast the missing days later .

. Travellers  are allowed not to fast if they like   , but they should remember the number of days that they have eaten  so that they fast them when they are at home and at ease .                                            . People who are ill and connot fast (every one knows his ability) can delay fasting until they are better .                       . People who are very old , too old to fast , and people who have some chronic diseases and are not likely to recover  are allowed not to fast . They should feed a beggar one time for each day .

S’hur :وجبة السحور 

S’hur is the meal that a muslim has at night , sometime before alfajr prayer  .  It is a blessed meal , at the same time it helps  the faster  fast at ease  .

THE ALMS OF BREAKING THE FAST (Zakat Alfitr )زكاة الفطر 

At the end of Ramadan , a muslim should

give an alm to the poor . He should give two handful of the usual dayly food to the poor (wheat , rice , dates) If a muslim doesn’t use these grains and things in his dayly life , and he buys ready made bread and food as it is the case in modern time , he can give a sum of money equivalent of two kilogrammes and a half for everyone of his household (members of his family that he is responsible for : himself , his wife , everyone of his children , his father his mother , his servant …etc) . He should give this alm the last day of Ramadan up to the morning of the Fitr feast before the feast prayer (before 8 o’colck a.m.)

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  • TITHES = ALMS (Zakat) الزكاة 

Allah has ordered the rich to give alms to the poor to realize social justice and to strengthen the lovely bonds which tie all the muslims rich and poor .

The word (Zakat) has two meanings in Arabic . the first one means purification . When the rich gives alms to the poor , he purifies his money .  The second  meaning means : more quantity . When a muslim gives alms , Allah blesses his money so that he can do with it more than what he could do if he didn’t give the alms .

Who must give alms (zakat) ?على من تفرض الزكاة ؟ 

Any one who has a sum of money , no less than the equivalent of  85 grammes of gold or 595 grammes of silver , and that this money should be put away in a bank or in a safe for one whole year . When this money is kept for one year , the owner should give  two point five percent (2,5  o/o) to the poor .

Alms   is given in money and it is given in crop and cattle as well  according to what a person has .

The alms of a farmer :زكاة الحرث

when the farmer collects the crop , if this crop was irrigated , the farmer  gives five percent (5   o/o) to the poor .                                                   I

If it is not irrigated   and has grown only by the water of the rain , the farmer gives ten percent         (10  o/o) to the poor .

Who deserves to take the alms (zakat)? من يستحق الزكاة ؟ 

Eight categories . Allah says :  “Assadaqat (Zakat) are only for 1 Alfoqara (poor who have what to eat only a few days) , and 2 Almasakyn (poor who don’t have more than what to eat that day) and 3 those employd to collect (the funds) , and 4 to attract the hearts of those who have been inclined (towards Islam) , and 5 to free the captives , and 6 for those in debt and 7 for Allah’s cause (i.e. for Almojahidyn = those fighting in the holy battle ) , and 8 for the wayfarer ( a traveler who is cut off from everything ) ; a duty imposed by Allah . And Allah is All Kower , All Wise “   (surat Attauba 60)

CATTLE ALMS زكاة الأنعام

َAlms of Sheep  and goats : زكاة الغنم أو الماعز


Number of heads

Number of sheep or goats to be given to the poor

1        to       39

40      to      220

201    to     399


More than 400

No alms to be given

  1. 1 sheep  or goat
  2. 3 sheep or goats
  3. 4 sheep or goats

1 sheep for every 100 heads


COWS زكاة البقر:


Number of heads

Age and number of heads to be given to the poor

1         to       29

30       to       39

40        to      59

More than 59 on


A one year old  calf (follower)تبيع

Or a two year old calf جذعة  

A four year old cow

For every 30 heads = 1 follower

(a one year old calf)تبيع  

For every 40 heads = a four year old cow .


Alms of camels :

زكاة الجمال  

Number of heads

Number of sheep or camels to be given to the poor

1         to        4

5         to        9

10       to        14

15       to        19

20       to        24

25       to        35

36       to        45


1 sheep

  1. 2 sheep
  2. 3 sheep
  3. 4 sheep

1 two year old camel ; if there isn’t one , a three year old camel

A three year old camel



It is compulsory for every muslim who is mature and can afford to go i.e. He has the financial means to go , and the physical possibility , and he can have leave his obligations for the period of pilgrimage without problem . It is compulsory once in a lifetime .

For the description of pilgramage ; see the booklet which is special for it .

Allah says :

قال الله تعالى :"ربنا لا تزغ قلوبنا بعد إذ هديتنا ، وهب لنا من لدنك رحمة ، إنك أنت الوهاب " 

«  Our Lord , let not our hearts deviate (from the truth )after You have guided us , and grant us mercy from You . Truly , You are the Bestower » (Al Imrane 8)







7    Why should we learn creed  ?

8    How do we know that Allah exists ?

10    What is the use of 99 names of Allh ?

11    Why is there doomsday ?

13    Why is there eternity in paradise or in hell ?

14    Why do people change religion ?

15    Why is this change of law ?

18    The everlasting miracle .

21    Why do we exist in this mondain world ?

What is worship ? (Ikhlaas + assunna)

23    Five pillars of islam

24    Purification

25    Wash ( Alghosl)

26    When to do ablution .


27    Description of ablution

29    Description of the wash

30    Earth purification

31   How to do tayammom


32    Compulsory prayers

33    Rawatib

Prayer of a purpose

Optional prayers

34    Description of the prayer

37    Fasting

38    People who are allowed not to fast

39     The alms of breaking the fast

40    Tithes = Alms

41    Who must give alms ?

The alms of a farmer

42   Who deserves to take alms ?

43   Cattle alms

44    Cows       45   Alms of camels



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