The priest Ibrahim had a Christian education . He was born in Alexandria on January 13 , 1919 . He was graduated from the U.S. mission schools . In 1942 he got a degree from the secondary faculty of Asyut , which was the equivalent of the baccalaureat , then he got a degree from the Anglical Theologigy faculty in Cairo in 1948 . He was appointed a priest in the Anglical Bafour church in the prefecture of Asyut . In 1952 , he was appointed a priest in the Canadian Anglical Theology faculty in Asyut together with his previous job . Then he graduated to be a priest who spread the Swiss – German teachings in Aswan.


   He also worked as : member of the complex of Masters of Asyut , Member of Nile Synods ; A comrade of the American Missionaries ; a specialist in missionary project between the Muslims and the U.S. and European missionaries .


   His life in a Muslim country and among the Muslims was an opportunity to listen to the Qur'an and to study it . Many a time , he used to stop at a verse and compare it with what he found in Christian Holy Book such as :''Those who follow the messenger , the unlettered prophet , whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel , who enjoins upon them what is right and forbids them what is wrong and makes lawful for them the good things and prohibits for them the evil and relieves them of their burden and the shackles which were upon them . So they who have believed in him , honored him , supported him and followed the light which was sent down with him – it is those who will be successful '' (Al-Aaraf 157) He continued to study and compare between the Heavenly religions looking for the Truth until he was convinced that Islam is the True religion . So he was converted into Islam .


Ibrahim said about himself :


''I was converted into Islam , not haphazardly nor by chance , but I studied Islam as a creed , jurisprudence , and behavior from 1955 to the end of 1959 i.e. five successive years until I was convinced , then I declared my Islam . I felt that I had to be a Muslim and preach for ''There is no god but Allah , and Mohammad is His Messenger''.


Ibrahim gave up his job from which he earned his living in the Christian Church . He left all that seeking for what Allah has . The job , and the position , and the money did not prevent him from following the truth . Ibrahim asked for Allah's forgiveness for preaching Christianity among the Muslims and expressed his happiness to change his activities into preaching for Islam . He said when he finished a debate in which he convinced a group of young Christians to convert into Islam :''When I recall the time before 1955 , when I was at the peak of faithlessness , I used to mislead young Muslims . Perhaps Allah wants to comfort me , and perhaps He really forgives my previous sins when He shows me these young people who have just converted into Islam''.


Our brother Ibrahim had a deep knowledge in Christian Books and their ways of convincing people . This knowledge made him outstanding in preaching for Islam . He had a great impact on people and a variety of production ; Some of the books that he wrote are :

- Mohammad – peace be upon him – in the Torah , the Gospel and the Qur'an .

- The Orientalists and the Missionaries in the Islamic Arab world .


- Israel , the trouble of generations ''The Old Era''

- Israel , the trouble of generations ''The new era''

- Israel and the Talmud (Analytic Study)

- Orientalism and evangelization and their relation with World Imperialism


And other books are still in the printing process :


- Jesus , the Word of Allah

- Science leads to Faith

- Islam facing Orientalism and Missionaries challenges .


- Islam facing Modern Thought Challenges .


- Allah's miracles in the Science Era

- Allah's limits : The Torah , the Bible and the Qur'an .

- Islam in the Torah , the Bible and the Qur'an .

- Jesus in the Torah , the Bible , and the Qur'an

I think , my dear reader , you would like to know some of the truths that our man had found out through his analytic study for five years , comparing religions in order to find the Truth . I will choose his words about the prophecy of Mohammad peace be upon him . He said :


''Now after all this analytic study , we can have the complete picture that we can get from the texts of the Holy Book , and which are not falsified or distorted because Allah wants to keep them to protect His prophet – peace be upon him. So we can have a certain vision of the picture of the Messenger , the unlettered prophet whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel . This Messenger seems high in his good qualities which have two sides :


(a) -He is the Last Messenger prophet ; No prophet comes after him .

(b) - He is a Messenger of Allah to all the worlds for the following reasons :


1- He is capable and merciful

2- He is the founder of a Umma on Truth and friendliness .

3- He is a light to all the nations thanks to Allah

4- He is a descendant of Qaydar son of Ismail son of Ibrahim peace be upon them all . These truths are found in Book of Isaiah (42 : 1-11)

5- He is a descendant of Ismail who is Isaac's brother and the uncle of all the Abranjon .

6- In him Allah's promise to Ibrahim and Ismail was realized .

7- He is a bless to all the people on earth .

8- He is the real heir of Ismail , and Ismail is the elder son of Ibrahim ; so he has a double share

9- He received direct revelation from Allah .

These truths are found in Book Genesis 17 : 20-22 ; 16-18 ; Book Deuteronomy 21 : 15-17 ; 18 : 15-19


- He came after the message of Jesus son of Mary .

- He sympathized with and guided a group of faithful people , followers of Jesus (the PARACLETE) .

- His works , words , and qualities predicted that he was Mohammad , The Praised One (Pericyte)

- He was the truthful and the loyal ; he was world-widely famous as trustworthy and loyal

- He received revelation directly from Allah

- His message is everlasting .

- He guides to the truth ....for all creatures.

- He defended Jesus and his mother Mary (That one praises me) and he pushed ambiguity far from them

These truths are found in : Gospel of John 14: 16 , 17 – 14 : 45 , 26 . Gospel of John 15 : 26 , 27 . Gospel of John 16 : 13 , 14 .


To clarify and summarize these proofs , I say that the last prophet is different from the other Hebrew prophets in at least three main vital areas :


1- He will have a message to the world .

2- He will be the last prophet , and no prophet or prophecy will be after him

  • 3- He is of strain of Ismail - peace be upon him – that the Israelites called him (Arab) ; he is descendant of Qaydar son of Ismail .

These truths are found in Gospel of John 16: 12-14 , Book of Isaiah 60 : 1-7 .


This man was remarkable thanks to the Christian environment where he lived and to the educational method he got ; which made his debates and invitations to Islam wonderful .


These are some of his opinions about some debates between Muslims and Christians :




Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''In Book Deuteronomy before the end , we find strange words . They say in verse 34 :'' Moses , the slave of God died there in the land of Moab according to the God's version . He was buried in the Jawa'e in the land of Moab''

Can the dead write ?


If Moses died , how could he write these books and say : I died and so and so happened ?


So these words are inevitably added , and the Torah was written after Moses death , and it was distorted .


More than that , when we study the Torah and the Gospel historically , we shall find out that the Torah has disappeared . In the history of Israel they say that Nebuchadnezzar got into the temple with his army, destroyed it , and took everything in it including the Holy Books and the utensils ; he took them to Babylon . So it is proved historically that the Torah that Moses wrote was completely lost . When king Korsh , king of Persia ordered the children of Israel to go back to Palestine , Izra and Nahimia re-wrote the Torah out of their memories ''


As for the Gospel , Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''Let's examine the Gospel of Luke itself . Was it really revealed to him from God ? Or was he under the effect of revelation from God ?


Luke said :''Since a lot (of people) have written stories about credible things for us , as those who were living from the beginning and who were servants of the Word have given us , I see that I myself have followed everything carefully from the beginning , and I myself will write to you , my dear Theophilus so that you know that what I know is true ''


He said :'' as those who were living from the beginning and who were servants of the Word have given us'' and didn't say ''It was revealed to me from the Saint Spirit''


Luke was not one of the twelve disciples who were with Jesus ; this is a very important point to consider .

We cannot believe the Torah and Gospel thoroughly , and we cannot disbelieve them thoroughly because the human factor is there in these Books"


Ibrahim Al-Khalil says also :


''The Torah is filled with words which are supposed to be said by Moses , but they are not all the words of Moses . The same thing for The Gospel is filled with words which are supposed to be said by Jesus , but they are not all the words of Jesus .''



Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''The crucial case in Christianity is (the case of forgiveness) . Because Adam had committed a sin , all the humanity is inevitably perished . That was why Jesus came to scarify himself for it , and his crucifixion as being a Son of God was the price of reconciliation with God (according to Paul who said :''We reconciled with God by killing His son'' (Romans 5: 10)


Nevertheless , supposing what is said about the inherited sin were true – it is not true at all , and it is logically not accepted and doesn't go with God's justice nor with Moses law – Was it necessary to tell that bloody story that the Christians say about killing Jesus on the Cross while he was desperately crying because he surely refused that bloody death ?''


Wasn't it possible to forgive without bleeding an innocent and killing a person who strongly refused to be killed ?


Let's go back to the Gospel of Mathew where he said :'' He got into the ship , then he passed and arrived at his city . They showed him a disabled person lying on his bed . When Jesus knew their faith , he said to the disabled person : Be sure , my son , your sins are forgiven .


Some of the writers said in their thoughts that he was rowing . Jesus knew their thoughts and he said to them : ''Why do you have evil thoughts in your hearts ? What is easier to say ? Your sins are forgiven , or stand up and walk ? This is to know that the son of man on earth has a power to forgive the sins ''


At that time he said to the disabled person : Stand up , take your mattress and go home . He stood up and went .


When the crowd saw that , they were amazed , and they praised God who gave people such a power '' (9 : 1- 8)


Jesus said to the disabled person :''Your sins are forgiven''. The agent is understood ; he is GOD , because a creature cannot forgive sins . It is the same when we speak about a dead person and say : ''It is forgiven for him'' which means : we hope Allah forgives his sins .


Mathew said that Jesus said :'' This is to know that the son of man on earth has a power to forgive the sins ''


It is as if Allah – glory to Him – has given permission to Jesus to forgive sins by a word from him . According to that , the forgiveness of people's sins doesn't need his crucifixion or his killing . If that sorrowful dramatic work had happened , it would have multiplied the sins , not forgiven them .


More than that , Jesus had given the power to forgive the sins to Patrick – who is described as Satan , and the Gospels say that he had discharged from his master at the time of difficulty , and he neglected him in front of the Jews . He told him :'' I give you the keys of the kingdom of Heavens . All that you open on earth will be open in Heaven''.


Can man forgive by a word and God be incapable to do that ?

Where are people's minds by which they think?

0 people ! How does that come true ?

How can Jesus be a curse ?

It was as if Jesus was suspicious of Paul , his ideas and his followers when he said in the Gospel of John :''An hour is to come , it has already come by now . You will scatter , everyone goes to his kinsmen and you leave me alone . I am not alone because the Father is with me '' (16 : 32 – 33 )


This is completely contradictory with that one that they had crucified on the cross and he desperately cried :''0h my God ! Oh my God ! Why did you leave me ? '' This alone is enough to prove that Jesus was not crucified''.




Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''The Gospel of Mathew (1 : 18)said : ''The birth of Jesus was as followed : When his mother Mary was fiancée to Joseph , before they met she found herself pregnant from the Holy Spirit''


Also in the Gospel of Luke (1 : 28) describing how the angel Gabriel got into the Virgin Mary . He said : ''The angel got into her and said : Peace be upon you O you blessed one . God is with you . You are a blessed one among the women ''then he gave her the good news about Jesus''. Mary said to the angel : How can that be possible and I don't know any man ? He answered : The Holy Spirit will get into you , and the power of the Most High will be over you ''(Luke 1 : 34 – 35) .


When it is said that Jesus was born by the power of the Holy Spirit , and that may make him special , different than the other people , we say that it is not a privilege that necessitates thinking for a moment that Jesus origin is different from that of people .

His comrade and cousin John the Baptist was born by the force of the Holy Spirit . The same angel Gabriel said to his father Zachariah while he was in the Temple according to the Gospel of Luke (1 : 13) ''The angel told him : Don't be afraid O Zachariah ; your request is heard and your wife Elizabeth will give you a son , and you will name him John . He will be your joy and happiness . Many people will be happy of his birth because he will be great before God . He will not drink wine or the like . He will be full of the Holy Spirit from inside his mother ''.


After that Zachariah himself was full of the Holy Spirit as the Gospel of Luke (1 : 67 ) said :

" His father Zachariah was full of the Holy Spirit , and he said: Blessed be God , The God of Israel because he missed to give a sacrifice for his people"


The same Holy Spirit who was with Zachariah and his son John was with Jesus . In the gospel (Luke 1: 26 ) :'' In the sixth month , the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city in Galileo named Nazareth ,to a virgin who was fiancée to a man from the David's named Joseph and the name of the virgin was Mary ".


This shows that the Holy Spirit is one of God's angels .


The Gospel of (Luke 2 : 6-7 ) said :''While they were there , the day of birth came . She gave birth to her elder child , she wrapped him and laid him in crib since they didn't have a place at home''


According to the law of Moses , we find that the child son of the virgin was circumcised , then his mother was purified and gave a sacrifice to God . In the Gospel of (Luke 2 : 21 – 24) : '' When the baby was eight days old , they circumcised him and he was named Jesus as he was named before his mother was pregnant with him . When she was purified according to Moses' law , they went up with him to Jerusalem to give him to God as it is written in the Law of God that every male who got out of a uterus is named purified to God . According to God's law they should give a sacrifice of a pair of doves or pigeons ''.


It is necessary to clarify the meaning of the word ''Qoddous '' . In Christianity and Judaism , the word 'Qadash' means in Hebrew 'avoiding ' , whereas in Islam ''taqdys ' is for praising . That is why we find in the Book of Moses' law God says to Moses : ''Put aside for Me every virgin who has opened a uterus from the children of Israel and from the kettle . They are Mine '' (Exodus 13 : 2 ) That is to say : sort the virgins .


The word "Qoddous" for this new born child means : sort the elder child who is the first one to open his mother's womb .


From this we know that Jesus 'birth was normal like other people ; his mother and he acted according to Moses 's law .


After that we emphasize that Jesus came from a human being ; he was born from the virgin Mary who is one of the daughters of Adam who was made of clay .


The miracle here is that Allah –Most Glorified – can give a child to a sterile woman as He can give a child to the virgin one . Allah Most Glorified said : '' Indeed the example of Jesus to Allah is like that of Adam . He created him from dust , then He said to him : "Be" and he was '' (Al-Imrane 59) .


When Allah created Adam , that was a miracle , and the same thing when He created his wife from his body , isn't that a miracle ?

Luke clarifies the situation ; he links between the birth of John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus peace be upon him .


When the virgin Mary was astonished to be pregnant and she had never known a man , the angel told her in ( the Gospel of Luke 1 : 34 – 37 ) : ''Mary said to the angel : How can that be ? And I don't know any man . The angel answered : The Holy Spirit will cover you , and the Power of the Most High will be over you (shade you) , and the chosen begotten from you is called Son of God . Look at your in-law Elizabeth ; she is pregnant with a boy at her old age , and this is the sixth month for the so-called sterile . For nothing is impossible for God''.


In the Holy Qur'an we find : ''When He decrees a matter , he only says to it : "Be" and it is '' (Mariem 35)




Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''We would like to know the meaning of the word ''Son of God in the Bible ''

In the Gospel of Mathew 5 : 8 – 9 )''Happy be the good-hearted ones because they will see God . Happy be the peace makers because they are called sons of God''


Everyone who works for peace according to the language of the Bible is a son of God . It is a metaphoric sonship and not a real one , as when people say : This is the son of the Sudan or this is the son of Al-Khartoum . All these expressions are metaphors , and they are known in the different languages . We also find in the Gospel of Genesis 1 : 27 ) speaking of the creation of man : '' God created man according to His picture . On the picture of God He created . He created them male and female ''


But the Qur'an says :'' We have certainly created man in the best of stature '' (At_Tyn 4) The Qur'anic expression here is undoubtedly more beautiful and more precise than that of the Torah. Allah Most Glorified has no picture . (Maybe he means : doesn't have a picture which matches something we know ) because ''There is nothing like unto Him''


In the Torah (Book of Exodus 4: 22) God said to Moses :'' Say to Pharaoh God says this : Israel is my elder son''


We find in (Book Joshua 11 : 1) :'' When Israel was a boy , I loved him and from Egypt I called him My son''


Also in the First Book of Chronicles 28 : 6) :''And He said to me : Your son Solomon builds My home and My houses because I have chosen him as My son and I am a Father for him ''


And no one says that Solomon was a God or he was a son of God .


Look at the definition of 'son of God' according to (Gospel of John 1 : 12) :''As for all those who accepted it , He gave them the power to become sons of God . That is to say believers in His Name'' Then He said in (John in his first letter 3 : 1) : ''Look at what advice the Father has given us so that we shall be called sons of God ''


So , son of God means : servant of the Merciful as it is in the Qur'an :''And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk on the earth easily , and when the ignorant address them (harshly) , they say words of peace '' (Al-Forqan 63)


We also find in (the Book of Genesis 6 : 2) :'' The sons of God have seen the daughters of people beautiful , so they took wives for themselves from all that they have chosen''


This means that the sons of Adam are sons of God , and it is not possible for the sons of Adam to be all gods ''




Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''We come back now to see the prophet Jesus as the Books of the Bible state . In (the Gospel of Mathew 13 : 54 – 58) and also (Mark and Luke) : ''When he came to his nation , he taught them in their community until they showed surprise and said : How does this get such wisdom and powers ? Isn't he the son of the carpenter ? Isn't his mother called Mary and his brothers are Jacob , Yossi , Simon and Judas ? Or aren't all his brothers here ? How does he get all this ? They used to trip over him . As for Jesus , he told them : No prophet is without dignity except in his nation and his home , and he didn't use a lot of force for their faithless .''


In (the Gospel of Mark 6 : 5) in this context :'' He couldn't use there a single force ''


Jesus here was unable to bring a miracle . If he had been God or son of God , he would have been able to come up with miracles regardless of their not welcoming him or not being psychologically influenced by that .


Mathew sais in his Gospel , Book 21 verse 10 , 11) : ''When he got into Jerusalem , all the city was shaken . They said : Who is that ? And the crowd said : This is Jesus , the prophet who comes from Nazareth Galileo '' . This was the witness of the people who have seen him , and have seen his miracles ; and not one of them said he was God or son of God .


In (the Gospel of Luke 7 : 11-16) : ''The next day , he went to a city called Nain , and went with him many of his disciples and a great multitude . When he approached the entrance of the city , he found a unique son of his mother the widow . He was carried dead and a great multitude from the city were with them . When the God saw her , he sympathized with her and told her not to cry . Then he moved on and touched the coffin and the people halted . he said : ''Young man , I tell you to stand up !'' So the dead sat up and started to speak , then he gave him to his mother . All the people were afraid ; they glorified God saying : We have among us a great prophet . God has remembered his people ''


Jesus had revived a dead after he had prayed for God and asked Him to grant him the power and support .


After he had done this great miracle , reviving the dead , people who witnessed this great event did not lose their senses , and did not say that he was God or son of God , but they said :'' We have among us a great prophet . God has remembered his people '' (Luke 7 : 16 )


Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


Let's speak now about Jesus , the prophet of God . We find in (the Gospel of John 1" : 16) :''Truly , I tell you the truth : There is no slave greater than his lord , nor a prophet greater than His sender ''


Also in (the Gospel of John 8 :37 – 40) :'' I know that you are the offspring of Abraham , but you would like to kill me because you don't like my words . They answered by saying : Our father is Abraham . Jesus said : If you were Abraham's children , you would do what Abraham did . But you would like to kill me and I am a man who tells you the truth that he has heard from God ''


If we examine the biography of prophets , we find that Moses after he had killed the Egyptian , he ran away to the desert where he stayed for forty years . He took care of the sheep , he contemplated the creation of Allah on earth and in the sky . That was under the guidance of Allah until he became eligible to carry the message with its difficulty . Josef also had undergone a lot of hardships starting from his brothers' injustice , to selling him to the Lord of Egypt to work at home , to accusing him of debauchery with the Lord's wife . Finally Allah has shown his innocence , then he became prime minister for the king of Egypt .


The same thing happened with Jesus . Before he started preaching , at the age of thirty – according to Luke's words – he went from his home country Nazareth to the desert ; he stayed there forty days without food . Then Iblis came to test him with three experiments . He passed them all , won the battle against Iblis , and he became ready to be a messenger of Allah .


Luke said in his (Gospel 4 : 14 -15) : ''Jesus retuned in a light spirit to Galileo , the news was spread all around . He knew that he was praised by all '' . We find in the Gospel of (Mathew 4 : 11) : '' Then Iblis left him , and the angels came to serve him''

Jesus was prepared for the message like all the prophets before him .


This is a witness from the nearest person to Jesus , I mean Patrick , the chief of the disciples . He said in book Acts of the Apostles 2 : 22) : ''O Israeli Men ! Listen to this . Jesus from Nazareth is a man who has given proof from God with powers , wonders , and miracles from God . He did them before you as you know ''


Patrick didn't say that Jesus was God ; he said he was a (man ) a human that God made him realize miracles .


Patrick also said in the Book of ( Prophets works 10 : 38 ) : ''Jesus , who is from Nazareth , how does Allah support him with the Holy Spirit and the power so that he does good to people , and heal the sick people who are under the spell of Iblis because God is with him ''


Didn't Patrick say God was with him as He was with all the prophets and messengers ? All this shows that Jesus was human ; he was a messenger of Allah . He was a prophet to the Israelites as were a lot of other prophets before him .




Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''A quick historical look at the first Christian Centuries shows us that Christianity was between the two parts of the mill ; the oppression of the Jews and the oppression of the Roman Paganism .


In 325 after Christ , Constantinople was the base of the Eastern Roman Empire . Since most the followers of the emperor Constantine were Christians , and most Pagans were followers of Rome in the west . In order to gain power , he was friendly with the Christians . But since they themselves disagreed about Jesus , he invited them to have a meeting and find a solution to that problem which was the cause of weakness of the empire .


That was why there was the Council of Nicea in 325 after Christ which was attended by 2048 bishops from all the world to identify Jesus .


In the book ''The History of the Church'' which was written by Husting , we find : '' People had debates . Arius , one of the great scholars was among them . He said that Jesus peace be upon him was a messenger and a prophet of Allah , and that he was a human and one of God's slaves .


1731 priests adopted Arius' creed . But Athnasius who was originally a deacon (lower than a priest) in the Church of Alexandria wanted to gain the friendship of Constantine the pagan ; so he talked about the incarnation of God in Jesus . 317priest only followed Athnasius .


In the end , Constantine who was pagan declared that Athnasius was right because they shared more or less the same idea , and he refused the idea of the monotheists including that of Arius .


Worse than that , he hid the Holy Book , forbid its study , and ordered the priests to teach people without book .


What is surprising is that this heresy lasted long in Christianity , and the Book didn't go out of prison until 1516 AD by Luthrius .


That was the story of the council of Nicea whose decision was to say that Jesus was God .



In the council of Constantinople in 381 after Christ , Macedonius said :'' The Holy Spirit is not a god ; he is one of the messengers of God ''. This idea spread among the Christians throughout the Roman Empire and no one objected .


But evil makers whispered to the king to hold a council , and he held that council of Constantinople in 381 after Christ , which was attended by 150 priests . ( There were 2048 priests in that of Nicea in 325 after Christ)


The participants in the council of Constantinople were very few if we compare it with that of Nicea . In this small council , people agreed that the Holy Spirit was a god from the essence of God .


In the Holy Qur'an , Chapter An-Nissa'e :''O people of the Scripture ! Do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth . The Messiah , Jesus , son of Mary , was but a messenger of Allah , and his word which He directed to Mary and a soul (created at a command ) from Him . So believe in Allah and his messengers . And do not say ''Three'' , desist , it is better for you . Indeed Allah is but One God . Exalted is He above having a son . To Him belongs whatever is in the Heavens and whatever is on the earth . And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affaires''(An-Nissa'e 171)


In fact , the Trinity is a philosophy that appeared in the city of Alexandria before the birth of Jesus son of Mary . The modern Platonic philosophy said that this world is governed by three forces : the Mind , the Logos , and the Soul .


From this philosophy came the addition in the (Gospel of Mathew 28 : 19 ) :'' Go and teach all the nations , baptize them in the name of the Father , the Son , and the Holy Spirit ''.


In the margin of the book , we find a clarification : ''This expression is not found in the original Greek copy '' .


The proof that this expression was added later , the words of Jesus to his disciples as they are in (he Gospel of (Mathew 10 : 5 – 7 ) : ''Jesus sent these twelve , and he advised them saying : '' Don't go to all the nations . Don't get into the city of the Samaritans . Go to the errant sheep of the children of Israel . While you are going , say repeatedly : The order of Heavens is nearly to come ''


Jesus limited his disciples' message to the children of Israel , and he himself limited his message in the children of Israel ; he said in the Gospel of (Mathew 15 : 24 ) : '' He answered saying : I was sent only to the errant sheep of Israel's home ''


When we discuss logically the problem of the Trinity , we say :


If there were three real perfect icons as they say , God would be complex . Everybody knows that any complex needs the other parts . This means that God needs , which is false .


If there were a unity between the godly state of God and the human state of the son as they believe , the icon of the son would be limited . All that accepts addition or reduction is new and can't be God ; because God is very old and not new .


The Qur'an says ; and the words of God are the Truth : '' Had there been within the Heavens and earth gods beside Allah , they both would have been ruined . So exalted is Allah , Lord of the Throne , above what they describe ''(Al-Anbiya'e 22)




Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :

''Let's move to another ambiguity which got Into church ; it is the ambiguity of making the Virgin Mary goddess .


A priest called Nestour was a patriarch in Constantinople said :'' The Lady Virgin Mary was the mother of the human Jesus , and she cannot be a mother of God . Even Jesus himself was not God ; he was a man who was revealed to from God .''


This creed was spread all over until a conference was held in the city of Ephesus , 200 bishops attended it , they decided that Mary was the Mother of God .


In this context Allah says in the Qur'an :''And (beware the Day ) when Allah will say ''O Jesus , son of Mary , did you say to the people ''Take me and my mother as deities besides Allah ? '' He will say : ''Exalted are you ! It was not for me to say that to which I have no right . If I had said it , You would have known it . You know what is within myself , and I do not know what is within yourself . Indeed it is You who is knower of all unseen . I said not to them except what You commanded me – to worship Allah , my Lord and your Lord . And I was a witness over them as long as I was among them '' (Al-Ma'idah 116, 117)


Wall Durant said in his book ''The Story of Civilization'' part 11 page 418 :


''When Christianity conquered Rome , the blood of the Old Pagan Religion moved into the New Religion –Christianity- with the Great scholar , worshiping the Great Mother , and many other gods , which gave peace and tranquility . There were unseen creatures everywhere . All this was transferred to Christianity as the mother's blood is transferred to her child .


The dying empire granted the key of conquest and administrative skill to the powerful papal . The strong magic word did what the sharp sword couldn't do . The church missionaries replaced the government .


Christianity did not abolish paganism ; it enforced it . The Greek mind came back to life in a new picture ; in the church theology and its rituals , it copied the unseen Greek ....... To the fearful rite of communion , then from Egypt came the idea of the Sacred Trinity , the Day of Judgment , the everlasting reward and punishment , the stay of man in paradise or hell for ever . And from Egypt came the worship of the Mother of the Child , the soufi link with God ; that link which imposed Platonism and autonomic , and eradicated the traces of the Christian creed . And from Persia came the creed of the return of Jesus and his ruling all over the globe for 1000 years'' .


The Holy Qur'an says :''Say O people of the Scripture ! Do not exceed limits in your religion beyond the truth and do not follow the inclinations of a people who had gone astray before and misled many and have strayed from the soundness of the way ''(Al-Ma'idah 77) .


The Holy Qur'an tells us what happened inside the church of destruction of creed , multitude of gods , acceptance of false pagan creed .




Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''Jesus calls for unicity in Gospel of (Luke 18 : 18 – 19 ) : '' A president asked him saying :'' O you Good teacher ! What should I do to inherit the everlasting life ? '' Jesus answered :'' Why do you call me 'good' ? There is no one who is good but God ''.


When the prophet said in a hadith :'' Don't overpraise me as the Christians overpraised the son of Mary . I am only His slave . Say : '' Slave of Allah and His messenger ''(Al-Bukhry) . Praising is a way which leads to misleading and lost .


Jesus was eager to deny the quality of goodness over himself and refers it to God alone . How come do people say that Jesus is God or a son of God ?


More than that we find in the Gospel of (Mark 12 : 28 -29 ) : '' One of the writers came and he heard them speak . When he saw that he had answered them well , he asked him : What most important advice can you give me ? Jesus answered : The most important of all the advices is : Listen O Israel ! God is our Lord . One God only '' .


Jesus didn't pretend that he was a God to worship ; his situation towards God was like all the children of Israel .


Jesus called clearly for unicity ; he said in the Gospel of (John 17 : 3 ) : '' And this is the everlasting life is that they know that You are alone the True God , and Jesus the Messiah that You have sent ''.


In his speech with Mary Magdoleine which is in the Gospel of ( John 20 : 18 – 17 ) : ''Jesus said to her : ''Don't touch me because I haven't ascended yet to my Father . But go to my brothers and tell them that I ascend to my Father and your Father , to my God and your God ''


The relationship of Jesus with God is like that of his disciples with God . All of them are His slaves.



Ibrahim Al-Khalil says :


''Let's discuss now the topic of the Holy Spirit . We find in the Old Testament (Book of Exodus 23 : 20 – 21 ) : '' Here I am an angel who is sent before your face to protect you on the road , to bring you to the place that you have prepared . Beware of Him , Listen to His voice , and don't revolt against Him because He doesn't forgive your sins because My name is in it ''.


The international custom agrees that the ambassador is the representative of the state and above all to its president . So any menace to the ambassador means a menace to the president of the state . The expression '' My name is in it'' means he does the job of an ambassador between God and His creatures .


We find in (Book of Samuel 10 : 1 – 10 ) : ''Samuel took a bottle of fat , he poured some on his head , kissed him and said : 'Isn't it right that God put you president on His heritage ? And when he turned his shoulder to leave Samuel , God gave him another heart . All these miracles came that day . When they came there , to Jabaa , he met a group of prophets , then the Holy Spirit came down ; and it was revealed to him among them'' .


We find in (Book Samuel first 16 : 14 ) : that God got angry at Saul and the Spirit of God left him . He said :'' The Spirit of God left Saul and stayed a bad spirit from God ''.


We find that the Holy Spirit is revealed to the pure person , but if that person makes a sin that makes God angry , the Holy Spirit will leave him and he will be haunted by an evil spirit .


That is why David – peace be upon him in his invocation used to say :'' O God ! Create in me a clean heart , innovate inside me a straight soul . Don't chase me away from Your Face , and don't take out of me Your Holy Spirit '' Psalms 51 : 10 – 11 )


We find in the Gospel of (Luke 3 : 21 – 22 ) : ''When the people were baptized , Jesus also was baptized . When he was praying , the sky opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in a physical state like a pigeon '' .


The Holy Spirit was with the prophets of the Old Testament and now he was with Jesus when baptizing and he was with him in the experience . The Holy Spirit was not always in the person , but it came to the prophets when it was necessary .


This means that Jesus is one thing , and The Holy Spirit in another thing .


This is clarified in the Gospel of ( Mark 3 : 28 – 29 ) : '' I tell you the truth . All the sins and lies of people can be forgiven . But the lie on the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven at all . It causes everlasting punishment ''.


It is like what we have seen in (Book of Exodus) : ''Don't revolt on him because My name is in it ''.


These words are clearly repeated in the Gospel of (Mathew 12 : 31 – 32 ) : ''That is why I tell you : Each sin or lie is forgiven to people , but the lie on the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven to people . It is forgiven for he who tells a word about people , but it is not forgiven for he who tells a word about the Holy Spirit , neither in this world , nor in the Next ''.


All this shows that Jesus is one thing and the Holy Spirit is another thing .



I Invite you - O man - to examine some verses from the Holy Qur'an so that you reach the greatest truth in your life :


Allah Most High said in chapter (Al-Ma'idah) : ''(15) O people of the Scripture ! There has come to you Our messenger making clear to you much of what you used to conceal of the Scripture and overlooking much . There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book . (16) By which Allah guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out from darknesses into the light , by His permission , and guides them to a straight path . (17) They have certainly disbelieved who say Allah is Christ , the son of Mary . ''Then who could prevent Allah at all if He had intended to destroy Christ , the son of Mary , or his mother or everyone on earth ? '' And to Allah belongs the dominion of the Heavens and the earth and whatever is between them . He creates what He wills , and Allah is over all things Competent . (18) But the Jews and the Christians say :''We are the children of Allah and His beloved ''. Say :'' Then why does He punish you for your sins ?'' Rather you are human beings from among those He had created . He forgives whom He wills , and He punishes whom He wills . And to Allah belongs the dominion of the Heavens and the earth and whatever is between them , and to Him is the final destination . (19) O people of the Scripture ! There has come to you Our messenger to make clear to you (the religion) after a period (of suspension) of messengers , lest you say : ''There came not to us any bringer of good tidings or a warner .'' But there has come to you a bringer of good tidings and a warner . And Allah is over all things Competent .''


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