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مواضيع مترجمة Prophet Mohammed.. نبي الإسلام ( لغة إنجليزية )
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Prophet Mohammed.. نبي الإسلام ( لغة إنجليزية ) طباعة إرسال إلى صديق
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Prophet Mohammed

Any persons studying the biography of Islam prophet Mohammed (PBUH) will find proofs of his prophecy from three different sides:

First:  His distinctive sole biography that appeared

in all his life periods, he was known by his good morals and he was famous of his honesty and truthfulness to the degree that Makkkah citizens used to trust him in leaving the most valuable possessions with him. The great lady Khadejah (God bless her soul) trusted him to take care of her trade business because of his honesty, good dealing of business and people loving.

He was known of his outstanding mind and justice. He was the man who all people agreed to accept his decision in Koraysh tribe's controversy over the sacred black stone of the Holy House to be put back in its position after rebuilding the house. His wise decision stopped fighting between tribes in Makkah over this matter that because it was an honor serve God’s House.

There was consent by all historians that none of the people who lived at time of the prophet (PBUH) in Makkah even those who rejected his message has accused him of lying, dishonesty or madness. When he called them at Al-Safa and asked them If I told you that men on horses will attack you from the valley would you believe me? They all answered in loud voice yes!  You never lied to us.  It was the best testimony for his perfect mind, strong personality and truthfulness.

But the testimonies after his prophecy were obvious on his distinctive sole personality where he lived with noble characters, high morality made his companions adore him very much to the degree that they were ready to redeem their souls and wealth for him and his life was very simple where he lived devoted and renounced this life.  All these indications prove clearly that he was a human with distinctive personality that create trust in every human knew him and leads to have faith and believe that he was a prophet and a messenger from God.

Second: His goal of his invocation and the message he came with was high and noble from the first moments of his invocation life.  His people offered him money and marrying the beautiful ladies to abandon his invocation but he refused and assured them that his purpose is conveying Islam to all people in the world.  His life going proves his high and noble goal.  His moralities and dealings with people during his calling and after that in Makkah and Madinah and around the Arabian Peninsula proves that he was not the person who seeks presidency of kingship but he was a prophet sent by God.  Ady Bin Hatim is a noble man from the tribe called Tuy who was a Christian telling us how he was influenced by the prophet’s moralities in the first meeting between them.  He said: he took me to his home and while he is leading me a woman met him and stopped him, he stood for a long time talking to him in her need.  He said I said to myself I swear this is not a king.

History will not forget his attitude towards his people in Makkah who disbelieved him and hurt him and tortured his companions, they even fought him and tried to kill him and chased him and killed too many of his friend.  After all these, he was very kind with them when he entered Makkah where he treated them with kindness and mercy in spite of what they did to him; he said what do you think I am going to do with you ?  They answered you are noble brother a son of noble brother, he pronounced words of a generous prophet and said to them Go you are free and he forgave the

Third: We have to look at what he came with:

Let us look at the Holy Quran which was revealed to him and it was his biggest miracle, so what are the regards of miracle in the noble Quran?

The Quran is a miracle in many different points of view

A- From the phrasal and rhetorical in what meaning the phrase refers to that will be clear if we remember that the prophet’s people are the most eloquent in the Arabic language in spite of that they did not dare to refute the quran in its linguistic sense although some of them were hostile to his innovation. How would it be if we knew that prophet Mohammed was an illiterate who did not know reading or writing and came with a book that has these miraculous characters.  This point is one of the most to prove his prophecy and that he was sent by God and the greatest miracle is challenging Quraish and the Arabs and all the people till the Day of Judgment to come up with something similar to the Quran or some parts of it.  It has been fourteenth centuries so far and no one could come up with even a verse similar to the Quran verses and they will not come up with any so the challenge is still exist for all people.

B-And from the meanings of the unknown events of the past, it told us about the prophets’ stories (peace be upon them) as an example the Jews who lived in Madinah and did not believe in prophet Mohammed used to listen to the quran and listen to what it says about their prophet Moses (peace be upon him) in spite of that no one dare to disbelieve what the quran told them.  We remind people that prophet Mohammed was an illiterate. God says (Neither did you (O Mohammed) read any book before it (this Quran) nor did you write any book (whatsoever) with your right hand.  In that case, indeed the followers of falsehood might have doubted.  He was sent among illiterate people who couldn’t read or write, God says (He it is who sent among the illiterate ones a Messenger from among themselves, reciting to them His Verses, purifying them (from the from the filth of disbelief and polytheism), and teaching them the Book (Quran, Islamic laws and Islamic jurisprudence) and the wise ways orders, acts of worship of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) And Verily, they had been before in manifest error).  And prophet Mohammed used to live among his people in Makkah and left it and he traveled only two twice to Al-Sham a country north of the Arabian Peninsula ; once with his uncle Abu-Talib when he was a boy before reaching puberty and he used not to leave him and another time he traveled with Maisarah ( a boy used to work for the noble Lady Khadijah) for trade and he was in his twenties, with  some companions who knew all his matters .  He never met any a scholar  Jewish, Christian or others to learn from them, nor Bohaira ( a Christian Monk) or any other person  but Bohaira knew him ( as a prophet) when he saw him because he was mentioned in the Bible and from his description and he told the prophet’s family about his prophecyand to protect him from the Jews.  He did not learn even a word from Bohaira or any other person . God has defended his prophet in his book ( Quran) as response to those who claimed the Quran from human teaching. God says (And indeed We know that they(polytheists and pagans) say “It is only a human being who teaches him( Mohammed peace be upon him) The tongue (language) of the man they refer to is foreign, while this (the Quran) is a clear Arabic tongue(language) so in this Verse there is a refute for them that because the language of those who they claimed they taught him was a foreign language and not clear and the Quran was Arabic and most clear.

Knowing that there are responses in the Quran to all claims and refutes made by the Jews and Christians about Jesus claiming that he was crucified and he was a god and he was a sorcerer and about Solomon that he was a sorcerer and similar things proves that prophet Mohammed did take up from them, Also in the Quran there are some other prophets stories(Peace be upon them)that were not mentioned in the Torah or the Bible as the stories of Hud, Saleh and Shoiab and other stories. Also the quran mentioned the Second life and details about it and description of Hell and Paradise and the delights and the punishment which an similar were not mentioned in Bible or the Torah. About the unknown future the Quran told about Aba Lahab( one of the prophet’s uncles) will not believe that no God but Allah and he will die as an infidel and that man was alive when the verses were revealed and he heard these verses about himself but he did not believe in the prophet’s message or claim that he is a believer to refute the Quran truth.

Another proof is that the Quran tells that the Romans will defeat the Persians after being defeated and they will have victory over them , Mohammed’s followers bet the opponents in Makkah that will happen because they believe in the prophecy truth and it happened as it was told in the Quran.

C- And one of the prophet’s miracles is the symmetric meanings and the harmony of its rules which support each other, Had it been from other than God,  the rules will differ and the meanings will contradict and some will demonstrate the invalidity of each other. God says( Do they not then consider the Qur’an carefully ?  Had it been from other than Allah they would surely have found therein many a contradiction.)

D- And one of the Qur’n miracle is the strong influence on people’s souls and hearts . It gets into their hearts as an arrow throw and it covers their minds(thinking) as the sun when it covers the darkness. The supporters and the opponents admitted  that effect to the degree that the normal person other than the educated one is influenced by the Qura’n where feels drawn strongly towards to it and will know that it is not human speech. As an Example when Alwaleed Ibn Al Mugherah ( Abu Jahl’ uncle and of the greatest stubborn opponents of the prophet)  heard the Qura’n from the prophet (PBUH) once and he said to his people( bani Maghzoom) and he said I have heard speech from Mohammed which is not human or Jinn speech and it has a beautiful sound and lovely tone , its top part is fruitful and its bottom part is abundant .  It destroys whatever under it and it overcomes and nothing overcomes it.

E- And one of the Qur’n miracles is that the results of the outcome of following its principles and applying its noble goals and wise instructions.  It raised the Qur’n nation (which took a great care of it in the sense of reading, understanding and application, it raised it to the highest glory in worshipping, ethics and values and human dignity.  They became the master of the land although they were disperse ,misled, illiterate and conquered by other nations.

F- And one of the greatest miraculous aspects is proving the unknown matters as believing in God, the Day of Judgment, the messengers and the holy books through silencing mental proofs no one has the choice but to believe and accept.

When we look at the Islamic law that the Qur’n call the people for, we find these aspects:

1-Justice and fairness where Islam ordered and forbade injustice beginning with forbidding the injustice of oneself and goes to forbidding even torturing animals.

2-The Islamic came with human rights protection and give them security for themselves, blood (soul), money, possessions, their families, minds and freedom.

3- It is a distinctive law that it is a comprehensive law for all aspects of life. It is easy for people has the mercy, loving, and unison where it recommended to a person  to have noble ethics and values so people will love him and he love them and live good life.

4-It came with make people have care and passion for each other, the rich care for the disable needy poor one so he will reserve part of his wealth for live.   Neighbors have the right to be treated nicely and respectfully and relatives have their right to be reached out, visited, helped and supported. the poor. Sons and daughters have an obligation towards their Parents, they have to take care of them and support them financially as long as the parents

God says:( Worship Allah and join none with Him(in worship); and do good to parents, kinsfolk , orphans, the poor, the neighbour who is of kin , the neighbour who is not of kin, the companion by your side, the wayfarer (you meet) and your slaves)

5-The comparison rule in between people in Islam is fearing God and that makes happy life from all people’s point of view Human is noble as much as he fears God and from the principles and values he adapts from his religion.  All these have an important influence on his life and on all people around him. It is common character between rich and poor.

6-Islamic law recommend that human must be positive towards life, to have education and work and love for people, things he loves for himself.

7-The Islamic law put oneself in peace, it unites his mind, emotion and body towards one goal that is the creator’s Almighty content.  The Islamic laws create a marvelous balance human that explains the Muslim happiness.

And if we look at the causes of people converting to Islam and believing in prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as a prophet and a messenger specially in the west where people did not know about the glad tidings that were mentioned in the previous holy books( Torah and the Bible) Jesus saidâ€‌ I am the messenger of God unto you confirming the Torah which came before me, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Mohammed) We find that they believed in Him because it became clear to them that he is a prophet from miracles and things proved that he is. Another point is that is the number of his followers and believers of Islam increased vastly after his death although they did not see his miracle and signs of his prophecy and they are in increase continuously because of what they see of mercy, justice and convenience law that he came with and from the effect they see on his followers and their ethics and values.

And after all these proofs of Mohammed prophecy, it is time for those who did not believe in him to do so to follow the truth and the true path to be happy in life and the second life. God says ( O mankind Verily, there has come to you the Messenger (Mohammed) PBUH with the truth from your Lord, so believe in him, it is better for you.  But if you disbelieve, then certainly to Allah belongs all that in heavens and earth.  And Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise)

Translated By Abdullah M.Zamzami

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