Is there any doubt about the existence of Allah?

Written by : A.J. Kassem

 أَفِي اللَِّه شَكٌّ؟

Is there any doubt about the existence of Allah?


Part 1: Conversation

The following is an account of a real conversation between AJ and another person.  All personal information has been omitted.

  • S: Now, can I ask a question?

AJ: Sure, go ahead

  • S: Prove to me that God exists

AJ: Where‟s the question?

  • S: Can you prove to me that god exists?

AJ: I can provide some evidence that He exists. Whether you consider it proof or not is not in my hands.

  • S: Ok

AJ: First of all, there is instinctive evidence:

Almost every person knows somewhere in his or her heart that there is a Lord and Creator, and that he is in need of Him; If some major catastrophe happens to him, he turns his hands, eyes and heart towards the heavens, seeking help.

Consider the following: “So set your face towards the [true] religion, worshipping none but Allah Alone - Allah‟s fitrah (the natural state of innocence and awareness of the Creator), with which He has created mankind.” (30:30 Quran translated)


The order of the reality that we observe is tangible evidence of the existence of the Lord and Creator, such as how scientists note that the Earth is in the exact proper distance from the sun so as to be in the temperature range where liquid water and life is possible There are 2 ways to look at this - some say everything is a result of random chance and we, Muslims, say that it is divine order.

  • S: Both are wrong - the earth was hot as hell 4.5 billion years ago; there were only lakes of lava. So, it hasn‟t been always like this - it evolved to support life.

AJ: One could also point to divine order or chaos for the explanation of that - the basis of this argument is that divine order is a much cleaner explanation that requires less assumptions.

  • S: Well, I can go and kill everyone I can find on the street and when I am arrested I‟ll say that divine order is to blame, because it is much easier to assume that divine order ordered me to do it.

AJ: Sure, you can say that and the officers will reply that its divine order that you're going to jail and will probably get convicted. 

To continue, there is consideration of the fact that we do not know of any process by which matter/energy is created.

We only observe that matter and energy change forms and states - we do not have any idea about how things come in to existence when they were not previously. If you have anything to say about that, I can listen.

  • S: Ok sure - So if you say that we do not know of how matter came into being, then it doesn‟t mean that it is from a divine creator. For example, you find a stone attached to a stick and you assume that it was obviously from ancient humans. But, it is actually from chimpanzees that made it. So you cannot automatically assume that it is from a divine creator.

AJ: Your issue seems to be a matter of semantics. We don't have to use the English words “divine creator” if you are not comfortable with them. However, the point remains that there must have been something existing before anything else existed. This is an entirely different case than finding an anomaly in nature (divine order) 

  • S: Good point. It is actually true

AJ: Sure is.

  • S: We do not know what existed before everything.

AJ: The Quran tells us about it; that is the purpose of revelation - to inform us about things that we could never observe. Revelation is compatible with science as they both describe reality for us - one the unobservable, the other the observable.

  • S: And where does it say that?

AJ: “He is the First and the Last, the Ascendant and the Intimate, and He is, of all things, Knowing.” (57:3 Quran translated).

  • S: I believe in god now may Allah grant you heaven