Reviewing by : A.J. Kassem

Each one of us has been challenged to search for the answer to the question –is there a creator?

This is, most likely, the most important philosophical question to be answered in a human being’s life. When investigating this issue with sincerity, one will experience a pleasant trip of the human soul and insights in to his or her marvelous existence. So let’s activate our senses for observation, thoughts for consideration, and hearts for emotional confirmation to find beauty in and the purpose of our existence.

No investigator will be overburdened or responsible for information which he does not have access to in order to reach the truth because everyone, no matter what their mental, educational, or social level is, has the right to reach the truth.  There are signs of an intangible higher power for everyone to see, even without knowledge of how a cell develops, the processes of energy transformation, or astronomic theories and discoveries.

Our search for answers will involve reconsidering what we can observe in our human souls and the world around us.

So, let’s start our trip in the search of the truth at the first station:


Let’s examine the truth of life and death. Living and dying are apparent and undeniable phenomena which should not be far from every man’s awareness. Although we are aware that death will eventually and inevitably overtake us, its nature and what it represents remain secrets which the human mind cannot fathom on its own without revelation from a divine source.

Some related questions are:

 Who has given us life, and why?

What is the difference between the existence of conscious beings and inanimate objects?

Charles Darwin, one history’s great scientists, extrapolated his theory of evolution farther and farther back in time until he arrived at the first mono-cellular organism. He ignored the question of the origin of life in this first cell and refused to admit what logic and human nature confirms - there must be a Creator who gives life to this first cell. He said, “If we explained life processes by the existence of a Creator, it would be as if we introduced an extraordinary element in a typically mechanical state.”  However, how can a mechanical model be applied to a dynamic and flexible universe containing the souls of creatures which live and die, sleep and dream? In order to escape the natural pressure which obliges one to admit that there is a creator, Darwin instead chose to refer to “the first cause”, without discussing its true nature.

The truth is that the secret of life was and always will be a miracle. We can understand parts of it but our knowledge will never wholly encompass it. It has no explanation apart from the existence of the Creator.

What we can observe is how an individual creature, such as a sprout, egg, or fetus develops. There are things that an individual or group of individuals can’t create, or even effectively simulate.

Man is one of the greatest wonders on earth, both in the structure of his body and the nature of his soul, internally and externally. His body contains all the elements of this universe. Every time he investigates himself, he discovers surprising wonders and astonishing secrets such as the way his parts are made and interact, their functions and the way they work, digestion and absorption of matter, the breathing of air and burning of energy, blood circulation through the heart and blood vessels, the nervous system, its structure and functions in the body, and glands, their secretions and their influence on the growth, activity, and regulation of the body. The coordination and cooperation of all these systems and how they respond to each other is a wonder which cannot be explained by random chance alone.

A man should consider his memories and the way that he understands, stores, and recalls them.

He should also consider the secrets of reproduction and genetic inheritance. Each individual cell carries the genetic information for the whole human body. It also contains information about parents and ancestors.

It cannot be random chance or chaos that lead these cells to contain such complex information and express them perfectly in the emergence of conscious and sentient beings grouped together in advanced civilizations.

Let us take a moment to consider that when a baby is born, he starts his life on earth. He separates from his mother and begins to depend on himself. His heart and lungs develop to support life. Another developmental landmark is when a baby begins to move his tongue to utter letters, words, and then, expressions. The ability of the tongue to speak fluently and the voice to recite beautifully are wonders which are often taken for granted, however when we stop and consider them, we discover that they reveal a power that no one can possess except the Creator.

Every detail in the life of a human being reveals a miracle, and there are endless miracles.

Every individual kind is a complete world in him or herself, and a mirror which reflects universe with a special image that will never be repeated - a unique person who has no copy among creation in his form, aspects, intelligence, sensations, feelings, nor in the way he conceives the world in his imagination. On this amazing planet which contains billions and billions of people, every person is unique as his or her fingerprints.  We should contemplate whether these amazing people were created or evolved through random chance by means of trans-species organisms.

Now, let’s contemplate universal truths, another facet of reality that may bring us closer to finding the answers that we are seeking.

When a person looks in any direction in this vast world, he can see hints of the presence of a mastermind, an all-powerful creator manifesting in every structure from the simple atom to the greatest celestial masses.

Even though this universe is made up of endless atoms and molecules, each one of these units reacts and deals with other entities. Each one works alone and in groups within frameworks and according to the laws of nature in harmony without flaw or deviation except for beings given free will that can choose to go astray.

The complex and interactive natures of these creatures indicates that nothing is created randomly or without purpose.

Now, let us contemplate the planet Earth, perfectly calibrated for life in this huge universe full of galaxies, stars and planets. Although astronomers have estimated there to be hundreds of millions of galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars, the universe may be much more expansive than that. In spite of the existence of all of these stars and planets, Earth seems particularly designed to welcome and nurture life. If the Earth’s orbit were to be altered by just a few miles to be closer or farther from the sun or its axis were to shift by just a few degrees, life as we know it would be impossible.

There are thousands of variables, known and unknown, that are factors in the balance of the perfect environment for life on earth.

The presence of various types of edible materials found on the land and in the air and seas for humans and other creatures is also a sign that indicates the existence of a creator, sustainer and provider.

Where did these life forms and the sustenance that each one requires come from?  Was it random trial-and-error or divine wisdom?

Think of the wonderful diversity of the endless scenes, landscapes, and seasons. Could it be that a hand of infinite creativity fashions each of these scenes in to a marvelous landscape or are they just phenomena that we randomly witness? Clean and fluffy snow covering everything in sight is just as much a spectacle as green and flowering rolling hills in the springtime or rich purple and yellow leaves at harvest time, perhaps all occurring on the same piece of land.

Take the time to consider the numerous creatures which populate the earth –those that are known as well as those that have yet to be discovered.  Each species is a nation in itself, and each individual is a wonder. Each mammal, bird, reptile, insect, plant, fish, etc… is a wonder.

Look up at the beautiful spectacle of stars, planets and moons in the sky with different positions relative to us at different times. The observable universe is so expansive that the most powerful telscope can’t reach its endpoint. The appearance of the sky differs from morning to night, from east to west, from moonlit nights to dark ones, from clear skies to foggy and cloudy ones. It also differs from moment, observatory, and angle to another, all being equally beautiful and fascinating.

After contemplating the existence of the Greatest with our senses, minds, and hearts, to the truths of the human soul and in the truths of the world around us, we should turn our attention in order to contemplate the most important question that we can find the true answer to - are we, ourselves, random phenomena or beings with purposeful existences?

Since none of us can convincingly pretend to be a creator, either we must all be creations or merely random clusters of matter. We will either see in the observable world around us signs of divinity or finite matter associated in states of chaos and confusion.

Consider that all objects and creatures, varied in species, sizes, forms, characteristics, appearances, and functions are subject to one set of harmonious natural laws from one origin with beginnings and endings.

Allah alone, the One who has no beginning or ending, encompasses all and is encompassed by none is the Creator, Sustainer, and Watcher over everything.  To know this and live accordingly is the real purpose of life.


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