Some reasons to say “AlHamdulillah”

Reviewing by : A.J. Kassem

   In this universe all things are at the disposal of man to benefit from or abuse without being requested by him. At the same time, man cannot provide all of life’s necessities for himself. For example, the sun gives light, warmth and life to the land for free, without intervention from people. Rain falls from the sky and provides water for drinking and farming without any effort from people who could never make it fall or stop it from falling. The air we breathe is everywhere around us with perfect composition and quality for life on earth.

   The land gives fruit as a result of man’s planting seeds and watering them, but it is not people who make them come alive. The night and day follow each other so that people can sleep and rest at night and go out in the daytime to work. People make neither the light of the day nor the darkness of the night, nor have any influence on the movement of the sun and moon around them. We know the time and dates by the movements of the sun and moon, but we didn’t create them, nor do we keep them in orbit. Since man didn’t create any of these things and was, himself, created to learn about them and take advantage of them, shouldn’t he praise the one that created all of the things that serve him?

All these examples prove that a Great Creator exists who created the world and provided us with all that we need. Some of these signs are static, some are moving, and some others are revelation from the Creator of this great universe. The sun rises every morning to remind us of the miracle of creation and sets every evening to remind us of the Greatness of the Creator. The night and the day follow each other to make us aware of the Creator. .

Rain falls from the sky and reminds us that it was Allah who made it fall. Plants grow from fertile land to remind us of the power of Allah who doesn’t need tools to make something new.  He can send the same pure water to give each kind of fruit a different color, form, taste and smell. After harvest time, fruit and vegetation disappear and then come back the next year. Everything in this world is moving to remind us when we forget that there is a Great Creator. 

There are many evidences of the existence of Allah in the universe. They call for us to praise Him for the life that He grants us and the miracles that He manifests in the universe.

Before He created us, He created all that things we need. He created the skies and earth, provided water and air for us, and created food on the earth until the Day of Resurrection, which is a heavenly gift to man. Allah provides him with sustenance as soon as he is created in his mother’s womb, and when he is born, puts milk in his mother’s breast. The milk comes out when he is hungry, stops when he is full, and then disappears completely after the weaning period. He is given a father and a mother who provide him with all that he needs until he becomes a self-sufficient person. All these are prepared before the person is responsible or able to talk. “Alhamdulillah” mean Praise be to Allah.  Everything in the world calls for praise; however, man often praises the creation and forgets the Creator!

When you see a beautiful flower, you might praise it by saying, “What a beautiful flower!”, but the thing that you have praised hasn’t given beauty to itself nor did it decide to be beautiful. . Nothing in the world has made itself beautiful. The One who makes them beautiful is Allah. We must not be confused to the point that we praise the created thing and forget the Creator. We should praise Allah who has made the world so beautiful in order to remind us of His Greatness. 

Allah has sent us His revelation to show us the path of success and keep us away from the path of evil. The laws that Allah revealed to His messengers reflect how great and precise the Creator is. The messengers told us that the one who created this world and created us is Allah and that worshiping Him only is a necessity.  

The book of Allah is the holy Qur’an. It shows us what He wants from us, how we should worship Him and helps us to go through life with quiet and comfortable hearts, free from anxiety.

The religion of Allah has given us a way of life to follow. Allah makes no discrimination between us nor favors one over another except on the basis of piety. We are all equal creatures before Allah, the Almighty. Since the laws of men are written according to their writers’ biases and favor some at the expense of others, we find human injustice in human legislation. The members of central committees are the rich, whereas the majority of people are poor. In both communist and capitalist countries, the classes are very much divided.

When Allah revealed His laws, He set the rules for justice between people, granting each one his rights. Allah deserves praise because He gives us guidance and doesn’t take payments from us. 

People always try to take advantage of others; Allah doesn’t need what we have. He gives us and doesn’t take from us. He already possesses everything.  According to His word, “And there is not a thing, but its source is with us. And We send it not down except in a known measure’’ (Al-Hijr 21). Similarly, Worshipping Allah gives the worshipper benefit and is for his best interests. 

Allah likes people to ask Him for their needs, invoke His name, and depend on Him. We should praise him for protecting us from humiliation in this world. If you asked anything from a person, he might refuse and embarrass you, but the door of Allah Almighty is always open. Raise your hands to the sky and ask Him anytime for anything you like. He will give it to you if it is good for you or give you something else if it is bad for you.

Allah asks you to constantly supplicate Him. He says, ’’And your Lord said “Ask of Me (i.e. believe in My Oneness and ask me for anything) I will respond to your request. Verily ! Those who refuse My worship will surely enter Hell in humiliation’’ (Ghafir 60).

He also says, “And when My slaves ask you concerning Me (answer them), I am indeed near. I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright’’ (Al-Baqara 186). 

The giving of Allah has no limit, and His supplies are never empty. He has given people all that they ask for, so that they can live peaceful and happy lives. The generosity of Allah necessitates praise as does his wise refusals of some requests.

Allah the Most High says in the Qur’an, “And if Allah's giving was unlimited for His slaves, they would surely rebel on earth, but He sends down (wealth and sustenance) by measure as He wills! Verily, He is Well-Aware and All-Seeing of his slaves”. (Ash-Shura 27) 

The very existence of Allah necessitates praise.  If it weren’t for the justice of Allah, people would be unjust on land with no limits, but Allah eventually punishes the arrogant and makes them an example for others. He may let him escape punishment in this world only to meet Allah in the next, where he will suffer even more. When a person who suffers injustice knows that there will be a Day when he will get his rights from his oppressor, he will be comforted with the knowledge that no one escapes the justice of Allah. Similarly, the pious person will be patient with his commitments to worship, obedience, and refraining from what has been prohibited.

When we say Alhamdulillah, we express feelings of obedience, love, praise, thankfulness and gratitude.  These feelings come from the soul, grow in the heart, are expressed by the body, and transmitted to the environment.

If we contemplate our lives, we will realize that every movement is a reason for giving praise. Since many people die in their sleep, when we wake up from sleep, we should give thanks and praise that Allah has returned our souls to our bodies and we are still alive. When we get up from the bed, it is Allah who makes us able to move. When we eat food, we should remember that Allah has provided us with this food from plants and animals and thank Him for His generosity. Allah made us able to walk and made means of transport available to take us everywhere. We praise Him whether we have cars or use public transportation. When we communicate with people, it is Allah who gave our tongues the power to speak. If He wanted to, He could have made us speechless.  Allah makes it easy for us to work so that we can earn money for our living. When we come back home and find our spouses and children who make us happy. All of these are reasons for which we should praise Him.  

Each movement of life is a reason for us to praise Allah.  Man should be always grateful.  The word Allah means the One who is worthy of worship, which is directed to Allah from His creation. If people knew the importance of the worship, they would do it thankfully because it is for their own benefit and following divine laws is better for personal and social welfare.

In this world, there are people who are believers in the truth and others who are not. Some believers are obedient by living according to what they believe and others do not. Heaven is for the believers only and the Lord’s general favors are for everybody. He is the Creator and Lord of all worlds. The whole universe depends on Him and He doesn’t depend on anything. People in this world should not worry because His blessings will continue until He wills. The sun cannot remain set nor can the stars collide without His permission. The earth cannot prevent plants from growing and the atmosphere cannot dissipate off except if Allah wills. Nothing that benefits humans can refuse to serve them because Allah almighty dominates the world and all his creation. That is why the believer is not afraid of tomorrow.  This world is a test of faith. The Hereafter is the place of true reward and punishment. The blessings of Allah are for the dwellers of Paradise, and the eternal gifts of Allah are for those who believe. 

This world is too small for man’s true nature, even though it seems like paradise to those who don’t believe in the hereafter. If every blessing deserves praise, the King of the Day of Judgment deserves all Praise. He balances the universe with justice, protects the weak, and establishes law and order in the world. The pious man serves others because he loves and fears Allah. He gives people their rights and forgives them. As for the disbeliever, society suffers from his bad behavior and his injustice touches everybody. The Hereafter is waiting for those who spread evil on earth. They will not escape judgment no matter how powerful they were or how many supporters they had.

The blessings of Allah are not countable or limited by anything. Each one is a sign of the Glory and Majesty of Allah, the Creator of this universe. Allah has given humans a natural predisposition towards belief, which is reinforced with the contemplation of His miracles in this world so that we can worship Him alone with no partners and say, “Alhamdulillah”. 

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