Translated by : LARBI KARKOURI


   Man struggles in this life morning and night , he encounters a lot of pains and hopes . He undergoes so many problems and difficulties that have a bad influence on his happiness and quiet life .



   He  reacts within the Islamic and Arabic world which are full of sad events ; and he lives in a time of obscurity and alienation for a believer . For all these reasons we should remind each other to be optimist and speak about things that help us be patient and comprehensive of this life that Allah says about :’’O mankind , indeed you are laboring  toward Your Lord with (great) exertion and will meet it .’’(Al-Inchiqaq 6) . So work is called great labor which means life is tiring .


   But the person who is wise that this is the nature of life,  can live happily in it , he looks at its beauty and he acts according to Allah’s will ; and he looks at its catastrophes and he goes on submitting to Allah’s decision hoping that things will become better . He is peaceful and hopeful in both cases .

    The believer in Allah knows that the prophet peace be upon him said :’’This life is sweet and nice , Allah has let you in it for a while , and He will see how you behave ‘’ (Muslim 4952)

   Life is not one aspect only , it is not all evil and sin  , and it is not all peace , tranquility and free from problems .  In this life , you live some moments of peace of mind to the point that you say what and old man said when he enjoyed himself with his company :’’If people in paradise enjoy a company like ours , it’s a great pleasure ‘’


   And sometimes you go through moments of hopelessness and depression that make you wish death to escape that hardship .

   Generally , people take two different ways in life : Some of them are affected  negatively by it , so they complain from everything , and they see nothing but evil and darkness . They are always complaining from everything , their state of mind is bad . For people like these the prophet peace be upon him said :’’If a man says that people are destroyed , he is the most destroyed’’ (Muslim 4755)

   The second category of people see the blackness in life , but they light each black spot with the belief in the destiny of Allah , the trial to improve , satisfaction with Allah’s decision , and the complete submission to Allah because they know that the Creator is Merciful , All-Knowing of the management of this life .

The believer is urged to be positive in life , to spread light , to enlighten people’s way so that his life becomes beautiful and shining even if these hardships are included in it .

   Dear brother , O believer in Allah ! Everything in life has a beautiful side . Scholars said :’’Allah Most High didn’t create pure evil from goodness’’.

The political , social , and economical deterioration that some Muslims undergo , the poverty , illness , loss of parents and other life catastrophes are not pitch black . Great people usually were born in the middle of these catastrophes and pains .

   If a person does more and more good things , and less and less bad things in his life , it is better than nothing but describing evil and cursing it . The proverb says : ’’Lighting a candle is better thousand times than cursing the night ‘’.

   Hope gets out of inside the pain , and positivism in life is the practice of this religion and its orders .

   Among the things that Allah likes most are (according to the true hadith) : ‘’Cheerfulness to offer to a Muslim’’ Also as in the beginning of the hadith :’’The dearest people to Allah are the most helpful ‘’ (Sahyh Al-Jamie Al-Saghyr 176) and this is the good life .

   You feel the most happy person when you sympathize with people , pass your hand on an orphan’s head , help a person in need , pay someone’s debt , spread something good , guide and errant . Islam urges its followers to do everything that they can to improve life for the hereafter And to work in this world for the benefit of the hereafter . Allah Most High said : ‘’O messengers ! Eat from the good foods and work righteousness . Indeed , I , of what you do , am knowing ‘’ (Al-Muminun 51) He also said : ‘’and do good – that you may succeed) (Al-Haj 77)



   He also said :’’For those who do good in this world is good , and the home of the Hereafter is better , and how excellent is the home of the righteous’’ (Al-Nahl 30)

The prophet – peace be upon him – said :’’If the Hour comes , and one of you is taking a plant , if he can plant it before he dies , let him do it ‘’(Al-Bukhary , Al-Albany 479)

   This life is as we live it , it is ours as we are its . If we made it our only purpose and only goal , we would feel very sorry for everything that we miss ; but if we made it a means for the Hereafter , our sorrow in it would be little and short . This is on one side .

   On the other side , happiness is linked with what we do in it  and how we live in it . Your happiness lies in your feeling that you can do what you like.

   Sometimes your happiness is linked with your positivism with people and your service to them . Some other times your life would be happier when you do a lot of service to people and you make them happy .

   The real great happiness is for those who in this world succeed in getting a happiness which makes them happy in the Hereafter , and for those who have helped hopeless people become productive and helpful for others.

   Fear of failure , shyness from people , hopelessness and impatience are  the most important things which make people depressed . Whenever man can overcome these obstacles , he can be successful and useful . The prophet – peace be upon him – said : ’’Everything is amazing about the faithful Muslim ; all his matters are good , and that is for nobody but the Muslim . If he gets a good thing , he is grateful , which is good for him ; and if he gets a painful thing , he is patient , which is good for him ‘’ (Muslim5318)

   The successful people are those who give you life when you come near them ; they push you to the way of excellence and success . Some people give the poor man a fish to eat , which is good , but better than them those who teach the poor man how to fish .

   In order to be more positive , teach people how to be positive , how to live well , and how to overcome life’s problems smoothly and peacefully . Allah said :’’  Allah presents an example: a slave [who is] owned and unable to do a thing and he to whom We have provided from Us good provision, so he spends from it secretly and publicly. Can they be equal? Praise to Allah! But most of them do not know.( 76 )   And Allah presents an example of two men, one of them dumb and unable to do a thing, while he is a burden to his guardian. Wherever he directs him, he brings no good. Is he equal to one who commands justice, while he is on a straight path? (Al-Nahl 75 , 76)

   O Allah ! Make us true believers , and make us taste the sweetness of faith . Make us guiders and guided . Make us pious and make our souls pure , You are the best who can do that . Improve our religion which is most important for us , improve the world where we live , improve our Hereafter where we are going to   , make our life and addition of welfare , and make our death freedom from evil . O Allah ! Guide us to the best words and deeds . We take refuge in You from the evil of the decree  , from the pain of sadness , and from the mockery  of the enemies . We ask you to grant us an everlasting blessing , and a comfort of the eye which never ends . O our Lord ! forgive us our sins and remove from us our misdeeds and cause us to die with the righteous.

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